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This web site addresses both the maternal surnames of this webmaster and the surnames of his wife.  Paternal surnames of the webmaster are contained at Green(e) Forest.

Surnames herein were separated from the Green(e) Forest web site due to the volume/size of the material now located there about our Green(e) ancestors.  Further separations may occur as volume and size of support material warrants.

Surnames to the left provide links to additional pages which contain details on each of the surnames listed.  The Dixon, Brown, and Tillis surnames are maternal lineages for this webmaster while the Ellington and Barley surnames are tied to the webmaster's wife.

References to the right provide for getting to the home page, a link to email the webmaster, and supporting documents.  The Green(e) Forest web site is added there as well for a quick reference to the maternal Green(e) surname sister site.

Two actions are taken to protect the living. 1) The number of descendant
generations has been reduced and 2) the names of those living that remain on the list have been replaced with the notation "LIVING".  Some deceased may appear as living because we are unsure of the status or simply due to an error.

Most entries are supported at high confidence, however, some are based on best data available and not considered to be at high confidence.  We have included these entries in hopes that a viewer will notice and advise of possible errors or raise a question about supporting documentation.  Please use the Email link to the right if you have additional information, questions or would like to request sources on hand that support the research.  Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Finally, a notice of copyright.  The contents of this site may not be copied for  resale, profit, or for any purpose other than to aid in the non-profit research of surnames of interest.  We invite all to sign our guest book below but strongly urge those who copy from this site for whatever reason to comment and sign the guest book.

Last Update - January 12, 2003

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